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WordPress Setup

 I’ll just leave this here

1. WP Config:

Security Keys –

1.1 For disable plugin and themes editor:

define('DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT', true);

1.2 For define post revisions:

define( 'WP_POST_REVISIONS', 3 );

1.3 For debug mode:

define('WP_DEBUG', true);
define('SAVEQUERIES', true);
define('WP_DEBUG_LOG', true);
define('WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', true);
define('SCRIPT_DEBUG', true);

1.4 For define home_url:

define( 'WP_HOME', 'http://example/blog' );
define( 'WP_SITEURL', 'http://example/blog' );

1.5 For define content_dir:

define( 'WP_CONTENT_DIR', dirname(__FILE__) . '/blog/wp-content' );
define( 'WP_CONTENT_URL', 'http://example/blog/wp-content' );

1.6 For define memory limits:

define( 'WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '96M' );
define( 'WP_MAX_MEMORY_LIMIT', '256M' );

1.7 For FTP connection:

define( 'FTP_USER', 'username' );
define( 'FTP_PASS', 'password' );
define( 'FTP_HOST', '' );

2. Cache:

  1. Server: install memcache + memcached + APC
  2. Download:
  3. Copy advanced-cache.php from to /wp-content/
  4. Copy object-cache.php to  /wp-content/
  5. Copy batcache.php to  /wp-content/plugins/
  6. Add define('WP_CACHE', true); to wp_config.php
  7. Activate Batcache Manager in admin area.

Logout from admin area. If all ok – you will see something like this:


3. Code generator (I’m not sure that I need it, but let it be :))

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